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My name is Hanka Ondrušková. I am lector in the area of soft skills – I help people with personal growth, to gain self-confidence and better sense of living. The main themes that I am interested in are communication, personality typology, presentation skills and also time management and personal efficiency.

From the year 2006, during my lecturing, there were several thousand people attending my courses. Whether I teach for big companies or mothers with childrens, I always try to focus on each individual. I believe, that inside each person is a great potential. Unfortunately for most people it is very hard to believe. Many people believe in other people success, but not in their own. It is very important to help people realize their own talent and based on that develop their own personality. I take this job like „accompanying on the road“. I don´t believe that the lector is some kind of Savior. Most people realize that sooner or later by themselves. And no one could ever do it for them. Lector is a person who can make the way more comfortable, show what is not visible at the moment, support when the person is frightened and supply the energy when is needed.

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